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Iordăchescu & Associates

Our mission is to use our experience and thorough knowledge of legal theory and practice to provide solutions tailored to the situation of each client, with professionalism, rigor and integrity.

A to Z Legal Services

The Iordăchescu & Associates team has the professional capacity to address issues in any area of law, from civil and commercial to criminal, administrative, or tax law. The exceptional professional qualification of our team members and the existence of specialized departments enable us to address complex cases in the most efficient way, even when the case requires solving issues belonging to different areas of law.

The proposed legal solutions are based on an in-depth knowledge of the Romanian justice system. The practical work experience of the Iordăchescu & Associates team, the understanding of the case-law and of the national and international legislation are part of the many advantages that enable us to provide useful and innovative solutions in a short time.

We are present wherever we are needed, in Romania and abroad, to provide legal assistance, to be a strong ally in business negotiations and to provide representation before Romanian and international investigative bodies and courts. We stand by the people who need a defender of their rights and by the companies that want to run a business legally, with minimum risks, side-by-side with a reliable partner with proven expertise in the legal area.

Criminal Law

Assistance and representation before civil and military prosecution bodies
Legal advice in the preparation of documentation, eligibility checks, legal representation, contract negotiation

Public Procurement

Legal advice in the preparation of documentation, eligibility checks, legal representation, contract negotiation

Civil Law

Legal advice and assistance regarding contracts and representation in court

Intellectual Property

Drafting contracts, assistance with the assignment of rights, registration of trade names and trademarks

Company Law

Formation, operation and dissolution of companies; mergers and acquisitions; contracts

Competition Law

Legal advice regarding compliance with specific regulations, representation in litigation, access to State aid

Financial and Banking

Drafting of banking contracts, specialized legal advice, representation at conciliation

Capital Market

Legal advice regarding the legislation, admission to or withdrawal from a market, assistance with specific litigation


Specialized legal advice, drafting of complaints, legal assistance and representation

Arbitration, Mediation, and Conciliation

Analysis-diagnosis and proposals for conflict mediation, assistance in proceedings and legal representation

Private Law with Cross-border Elements

Legal advice regarding the status of foreign citizens, assistance with recognition of foreign court judgments, international conventions

Energy and Natural Resources

Counselling on legal provisions, contracts, legal assistance, consultancy reports

Labor Law

Legal assistance on employment contracts, job descriptions, regulations, dispute mediation, claims for damages

Administrative and Tax Disputes

Administrative contracts, representation in court or before inspection bodies, customs legislation, levies, taxes, VAT, excise duties

Insurance Law

Legal advice regarding the negotiation, drafting and performance of contracts, representation in court for litigations


Legal assistance and representation in court in the reorganization and bankruptcy proceedings


Legal advice and assistance, negotiations and mediation of disputes generated by malpractice

Family Law

Interests of minors, divorce and partition actions, adoption and guardianship, paternity, parental rights


Assistance in the privatization process, preparation of documents, representation in negotiations, monitoring of procedures



  • In terms of law, each situation is unique and we would like to meet to assess the situation. We invite you to contact the Iordăchescu & Associatesi team for a consultation regarding your situation – you will only pay if you decide to work with us.

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