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Livia Roman

Livia Roman has built a career based on an excellent theoretical and practical knowledge of the tax and administrative law, as well as civil and tax procedure provisions that represent the “operation kit” which is indispensable to successfully representing the interests of clients. Livia has a remarkable command of the European rules and the case-law of the Luxembourg Court of Justice with a major impact in taxation, succeeding to obtain in court, in several cases, their priority application over the contrary provisions of the domestic law.

Livia carefully and rigorously assists, in Romanian or English, people and companies in their interaction with the tax authorities, offering them the necessary advice to carry out their activity lawfully and to minimize the risks inherent in any business, including by presenting possibilities to access the rescheduling of the debts to the state budget. Livia also represents taxpayers before fiscal courts across the country in extremely complex cases. As part of the Iordăchescu & Associates team, Livia handled difficult cases, in which the arguments brought before the court were confirmed by the judges in all the proceeding stages, on the merits, second appeal or enforcement proceedings.

Passionate about her legal practice area, Livia Roman is often invited to television shows tackling current tax issues that society is facing and has published complex articles in tax law magazines, both alone and in colaboration with renowned practitioners in this area. In fact, her special academic training was noticed from the first moment, when, after graduating from the Faculty of Law of the Babeș-Bolyai University, she obtained the highest grade at the bar exam in the entire Cluj County.
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