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Mission & Values

The Iordăchescu & Associates law firm was founded to represent and defend the interests of its clients, thus ensuring the observance of the principle of equality before the law and the compliance with the rights of each natural or legal person.

Our mission is to use our experience and thorough knowledge of legal theory and practice to provide solutions tailored to the situation of each client, with professionalism, rigor and integrity.

We Value Experience

The lawyers who make up the Iordăchescu & Associates partner team are professionals with decades of work experience in the Romanian legal system. Colleagues who have worked their entire lives in the legal profession are joined by professionals who have served justice as prosecutors or judges. This brings our team a clear, overall perspective of the justice system. 

The partners and managing partners of our law firm are well renowned legal experts, some of them also being professors or members of the specialized legal commissions of the Romanian Parliament.

The Iordăchescu & Associates team also comprises associate lawyers in the first decade of their career, who have already been noted in their practice areas due to how they practice their profession in the interest of the client.

We Offer Efficiency and Quality

We want to provide our clients with practical solutions, with maximum promptitude and efficiency, but without the rapidity of the response affecting the quality of the legal process!

Therefore, we have built our team in a flexible way, which enables us to rapidly adapt to any professional challenges, regardless of their complexity. 

The large number of lawyers specializing in various areas of public and private law, as well as the two offices in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca, along with its headquarters in Rome (Italy), enable us to be flexible in dealing with cases for the benefit of our clients throughout the entire European Union.